Can Tube CDP act as Tube Preamp??

Hi, I have been using a Tube CDP (AhTjoeb4000) with NADC370 (SS Integrated amp).I am considering getting a tube Preamp to replace the preamp section of the NADC370.One of my audio pal told me that since the AhTjoeb CDP already has 2 tube in it;I don.t really need a tube Preamp(he meant the CDP would act as a Tube Preamp).I am seriously questioned about this concept- if it is correct;then what I need would be a SS Preamp not neccesary a tube preamp for upgrade. I really need your opinion and suggestions and thanks in advance
Simon- There are many who believe that a good tube pre-amp is a better upgrade than almost any SS pre. Of course, there are those that differ. If you have no other source but the 4000 and if it has a variable output control, then keep the IC cables short and run the output straight into the amplifier section of your integrated. You may find that it sounds better bypassing the pre-amp section of the integrated. Good luck.
Thanks Jcbtubes. I have tried the DIRECT CDP connection to my NADC370 a year ago;YET the sound is too loud for late evening listening even with the volume of the CDP set to Min.Somebody has suggested to desolder certain connection within the CDP to lower down the output Volt?,but I don't want to run the risk simply I don't know how to solder.Just lately, I saw an ads on British audio web site about (Rothwell?) Attenuator,reportedly it will attenuate 10dB;wonder if this device might just do the job ?(connect the device between the CDP and IC ;then DIRECTLY connected to the ampp) .Do you (or anybody)have any further opinion and suggestion?I would certainly appreciate very much
CAL Audio used to offer their customers resistors to use in their Alpha DACs. Those DACs had 3.5V output instead of the regular 2V for the purpose of bypassing preamp. But, if the customer wants to use a pre, then they can solder the resistor in the DAC and reduce the output voltage to 2V. You might be able to find a similar resistor for the Tjoeb.

Regarding your original question, I don't think you will get the "tube" experience simply by using the tube drive stage in your CD player to drive your amp. When I had the CAL Alpha, it did have a few of the tube's sonic attributes and is present regardless of it being connected to pre or direct. So, from my experience with the CAL stuff, tube output stage is vastly different from having a tube preamp.
You should be able to adjust the output of the CDP using the remote - at least I could on my Tjoeb'99. You could also try a Creek OBH10 or OBH12 as a passive preamp - really just a remote controlled volume control.
Thanks Tjbearman.Yes,I am able to adjust the volume of CDP using the remote,but not the output. You meant using OBH12 connecting the CDP and the Amp;this way I can attenuate the volume(without getting too loud for late evening listening)?
Would this be sonically significantly better than using the Rothwell Attenuator ?? Please let me know further and thanks in advance