Can transport in Philips SACD 1000 be replaced?

Do you KNOW of any shop in the US that will replace the transport in a Philips SACD 1000 and with what and for how much?

There are a lot of units with faulty transports which have been upgraded for use with EMM LABS gear.

It would be great to find someone who can salvage a bad situation.
I think my Dell computer Cd-Rom drive uses the same transport, as it looks very similar?
Try this:
Alex Peychev at . He repairs the 1000 and can replace the notorious fuoure and mace chips that plagued the unit. He is modding these units and the performance is excellent. The first review is at
I followed your leads to Aplhifi and learned that he has been "fixing" the mace chip problem for over a year. I await his prices.

More to follow.

Thank you.
I have also sent him an email, I am curious what he can do. I heard from over at AA that he will not touch Emm labs modified units, lets see if there is any truth to that.
Bill--didn't you say you were looking for a good doorstop? I think we've both found it.
Alex is advising that he will repair what he has in house but is not taking on additional SACD-1000 units for repairs. Alx has a forum board over at Audiocircle...
The more I hear about Phillips and the pervasive problems with the SACD 1000 units the more I'm surprised there is not a class action law suit holding them accountable for selling time bombs to consumers.
Ramstl, That would be More Righteous than the Millie-Vanilli Lipsync class action suit! This Fisher Price-ish player even at 20% mfrp was a joke right out of the box. It should have been rated Stereophile Class B for BAD! When TAS stated it wasn't far off the $28,000 Accuphase combo, someone was smoking Puff while chasing the digital Dragon! Where do I sign? I still own it's powercord, I use it for dental floss, thankfully it had an IEC!
Thank you Drhst20 and Brainwater. I have been writing back and forth to Alex and believe he can help me.

I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Best wishes,

Bill E
You are welcome. Please keep us informed as I will soon have one of the few meitner/philips tranports still working and as much as I hope it continues to work, I would love to have an alternative if it does not.
I have contacted Alex and I am having him repair my unit.

Thanks all.
Bill- Keep me posted of how this goes, I have also contacted him and if for around $600 I can get my unit fixed I would do it in a heart beat! My luck is I will get my CDSD the same day I get my repaired phillips back.