Can TosLink ever equal Coax digital?

I recently read that TosLink is sometimes as good as coax digital connections. I have never tried TosLink, because I long ago heard that it is inherantly inferior. If it does work well, what kinds/brands of TosLink cables work well? I am currently using a Kimber Select 2020 digital cable, so if TosLink can be good, it would need to better my present cable. Thank you for considering my question.

Supposedly, there is a new Wireworld Toslink that is supposed to be very good. Obviously, how good the cable compares to coax is going to depend on how good the optical converters within the transport and dac are. Sean
Toslink $14.99 for 6 feet Recoton from Fry Electronics. I connect from Panasonics DVD/CD RV-31 ($200)to Wadia's and direct connect it to the amps. In my system, it's only second to AT&T Glass fiber. I have a different transport that I connect using AT&T glass fiber optics cable, sound incredible, but that is for a different thread :-)

I am using the new Wireworld glass Toslink and it is clearly the best I have tried so far. It was clearer than my previous favorite, Optichord from Chord (UK) and IMHO much better than Monster, Kimber, SONY... I also saw an ad here for a new Nordost glass toslink that would be interesting to try.

I'm interested in the Wireworld glass toslink, but didn't see it on their website. What is the actual name of it? Any idea of price?

Long a toslinc basher;there are some components where there is no choice. My Panasonic HD 20 direct sat box(called STB)has only this hook up. Going into my Meridian processor the 5.1 feed from Stars/HBO/ Showtime causes one to rethink toslinc. Not bad at all. I have a choice on the Pan. dvd player; THAT choice is coax,for me. So, for the STB,I make good lemonaid.