Can this swarm fly?

Good morning to the community!  After a bit of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that a swarm of subwoofers has merit for two channel listening.  I’m a big Martin Logan fan and have a pair of the 11As.  I have noticed that the ML Dynamo 700 has been discontinued and bargains are to be had. 

All things being equal, would this sub be suitable for a swarm configuration?  If not, I would appreciate any recommendations.  Thanks!

My limited understanding is that you may have a speaker set up that is amenable to a swarm set up. The swarm concept may be beneficial since it interacts with the room as the speakers that you are using. I look forward to hearing about your progress with this concept. Keep us informed.
 The sub that you are referring is not a product that I am familiar with, so I apologize for not having the information that you need. I have feeling however that something can be worked out with this sub in multiples. Just how many of them might be required I do not know. I suspect that the sub will have suitable adjustments built in so that it can be used in this manner.
Yes that sub will be fine. Tim, aka noble100 has been running a Swarm with his ML for some years and raves about it. As we all do. DBA is the best. 

One of the best things about DBA is its so flexible. It can be done all at once as Tim did, or incrementally, and the subs do not have to match. Mine for example is two sealed, two ported, and one active.
Original plan was to build the DBA and then sell the Talon Roc. Because who needs 5 subs? The four I built were indeed awesome. But then I brought the Talon back in and 5 was so much better I couldn't see selling it. I mention this to emphasize the point that with bass more subs is better. But money matters too. I would look real hard at the new DIY kit from Audiokinesis. But if it was between that and say 5 of the Dyanamos for the same money I would go with 5 over 4. 

In any case do not be swayed by the conventional wisdom that a sub has to be fast or matched or whatever to the mains. The conventional wisdom has it all wrong. For proof look no further than Tim, who has the Swarm and loves it precisely because it so seamlessly matches the speed of his ML.
FWIW, the thing about the actual Swarm is that the speakers are designed to be right up against the wall to give you flat response. Normal subs are not- they should be placed outside the room boundaries for best effect.
I have four regular subs and I turned them all to face the wall just to experiment.Surprisingly I think it sounds better that way.I've tried them in various configurations with just one or two facing in also.Maybe it's the shape of my particular room plus the existing room treatments?Or my odd personal preference:)
You need at least 64, if not 128 subwoofers to get optimal swarm performance.