Can this be done with good results????

I got a Magnepan MGMc Center channel for my birthday, it is a special internet only speaker that is a one way ribbon that rolls off at 100HZ, I want to add a cross-over and a woofer that will go to 80hz comfortably, I want it sealed and I will mount it behind the center most likely using hooks and chains to suspend it from the top of my entertainment center (see system pics for details).
I would like this to be as small as possible and a stable 4ohm or better load, this is only meant to compliment the lower vocal frquency that some male voices seem to need to sound best, can this be done with good results using parts express? I have never done anything like this before so how sifficult would it be? please any and all ideas welcome
I do not want to just use my sub for this roll off, I really want to try this thought and hope to get some thoughts from folks that have "been there done that" with building speakers. thanks again all...Chad P.S. 150 watt is plenty good for my taste!
Hi Chad

Your system looks great BTW! I understand you problems with the entertainment center...I had one and got rid of it (after I had taken a saw to it!)

I looked at your system pic's...can you be more clear on your intentions and thoughts behind this setup? Is the Maggie going on top?

Why not something like the outlaw audio ICBM with one or two subs for all speakers? The outlaw can be set at different X-over points for each speaker group...kills many birds with one stone.

On the other hand, I'm not sure I'm clear on you intentions so my post may be of no help at this point?

Hey Dave,
Center channel will be on top, and the stand under TV will be removed, so the center will rest on top of TV, and then I would either mount the woofer to the stand behind the TV or suspend it (I will have lots of play room behind TV)
And thanks alot for your comments on my system!
Frankly, I'd buy or build a regular speaker or trade in the MGMC for the C3 with a little more bass.

Man I just got this, I have to give it a chance lol!