Can these be used for both Plasma and 2-channel??

I have a pair of Silverline Audio (Sonatina II's) that
I've been using for my living room 2-channel setup with
very acceptable results.
I just purchased a plasma TV without speakers. I disconnected the speakers from my 2-channel amp and ran
a pair of good 16ga speaker cables from the TV to the Sonatinas. The TV sounds great.
Here's my question. Is there a way I can use these speakers
for both my plasma and my 2-channel setup without disconnecting one source and connecting the other?

Thanks in advance for any information!
Does your TV have line-level outputs? Most do. You can connect these to an unused input on your reamp/amp.

Thanks Kal, That would mean I would have to use my 2 channel system everytime I wanted to watch TV. My wish
would be not to turn on my integraded amp everytime I
wanted to watch TV.
No. I would not hook up a speaker to two different amps (plasma counts as an amp in this case), I believe this causes problems for the amp not in use. At least not without a switch box of some sort. I think it's because the output stage of the running amp will try to drive the output stage of the other amp (instead of the speakers) since the output impedence is so much less that the load the speakers present. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Which begs the question Kal is asking, why not just use the stereo? When i had a "teevee" in my rig, I still burned ($$$) the tubes in my preamp and amp. You do what you gotta do! What's the big deal?
Right, Aroc. The speakers can be connected to only one amp at a time. So, your options are to use only one or to get a switch.

One of the reasons I don't want to involve my integraded amp is that it does not have a remote. Meaning, everything
now is controlled by a single remote. I think the switch
idea would work. Any ideas?

It doesn't matter that your integrated amp does not have a remote. The TVs pre-outs are likey variable and controlled by the TVs remote volume control. You would simply set the integrated amp to a position like top dead center and use the TVs remote to vary the volume.


Reubent is right.

Do remember that the 10K plasma television has about a $20 amplifier built in for speakers. The amplifier in that television could never hope to reach a very high level of resolution.