Can the Vendetta be updated?

I have a vendetta scp-2B. does anyone out there know if John Curl is still updating these?

Forgive my asking the obvious but, why not ask Curl himself? I think he's posted here and he's certainly posted at AA.
In direct answer to yr question, I don't know how much arm twisting (and bank support) would be required. Cheers
John is currently updating older Vendetta's. This is not however cheap.
If John is anything like he used to be, it could take a long time for you to get your Vendetta back if you send it for an upgrade. You cannot rush genius. You should discuss a timetable with him as well. Great phono stage, by the way. Well ahead of its time, and still competitive with the better designs of today.
Now is not the best time to ask John to update one, as he has to finish several CTC Blowtorch preamps that Bob Crump wasn't able to before his untimely death. I suggest waiting at least a few months.