Can the Sony S7700 play CDRs ?

I am looking at getting one of these to use as a CD transport but I have found postings in another forum from people who say they cannot read CDRs. Can anyone confirm for me that they can play CDRs (not mpg - say made with EAC from WAV files).

Much obliged.
Anybody know if the 7700 plays DVD-Rs? I know the 7000 won't.
7700 will play MOST CD-R's, not DVD-R's. Makes a great transport.
My 7700 in stock form does have some navigational problems with CD-R's but I pretty much NOW know why. I don't burn CD-R's on my computer but on burners integrated into my audio system. It will play but struggles with CD-R's burned on my (now in storage; it has issues) Pioneer Elite PDR-99 Player/Recorder. It appears to be fine with CD-R's (haven't listened to many) burned on my Tascam CD-RW 402 Pro Dual Player/Recorder. The brand of CD-R does not seem to matter. Hope this helps! Kevin
Mine plays CD-R's fine too(PC burned).Audio performance is OK at best,it doesn't hold a candle next to either of my two dedicated transports(Krell,Northstar)
It is fairly common to have problems with some CD-R's. The writers do not always burn good pits in them, so only the most sensitive drives will read them.