Can the Onix SP3 be used with a pre-amplifier?

I am pretty new to hi-fi and have purchased an Onix SP3. Does anyone know if this amp can be used with a pre-amplifier by chance?
You should be able to connect the output of the preamp with one of the two pair of inputs on the SP3 and then use whatever combination of volume controls on the preamp and the SP3 sounds best. You're putting two gain controls in line with the signal but there's no reason that shouldn't work.
It's not just putting two gain controls, but, unless the Onix only has a "passive" preamp section, or the preamp you want to add is itself would have two gain circuits in line. This I believe is more problematic than simply two "controls", which I take to mean pots...
Might be a little late for you, but I run my SP3 with a preamp in front (see system) with no problems to report.