Can the geodisc be used to align a unipivot arm?

I have a VPI scout with JNW memorial arm can the geodisc by Mobile Fidelity be used to set this arm? thanks,Scott
Yes. I have used it with a unipi ot, but not the VPI
My Geodisc is for setting the cartridge on the headshell, not the arm?
Correct, sorry for not being more specific, its just the instructions say point line to pivot point which there isn't one on the unipivot arm.
The pivot point is the center of the tonearm housing. You have to kind of guesstimate where that centerline is but with a little patients you can get it pretty close. I have used the GEO disc to setup VPI, Graham and Jelco tonearms. But as you stated earlier you really can't see the pivot point and that is the one flaw with the GEO Disc. You will be able to get it close with your cartridge setup but if you want total accuracy I would recommend the Feickert Universal Protractor.
Get the MINT protractor....also Fozgometer is extremely helpful.
You need to get the pivot to spindle distance right first. If you can do that accurately, you could use the MoFi disc for offset and zenith adjustment if you want.