Can the BAT VK - 150SE's Drive B&W 803's?

I heard a lot people saying that the B&W 803's needs powerful amps to drive it.The VK-150SE's has 150 watts each,so I wanna make sure my amps match the B&W 803's.
No problem, they will drive just about anything out there. They act more powerful than the 150 watt rating. I tend to think that the B&W stuff leans toward the bright side, I've never heard it sounding good myself. The 150SEs can also lean towards the bright side, so pairing it with the 803s might not be a match made in heaven, I'm sure it's going to sound great, but might just be a little on the bright side. I would guess that the brightness could be cured with the right cables. If you are looking for speakers, I would suggest looking into the Maggie 3.6s, I always wish I would have tried out some Maggies with my 150SEs, I just have a feeling it would have been a great match. I have a friend who had the 802s with Levinson electronics and he switched to Maggie 1.6s and a Bryston amp, his system sounds so much better than the 802s it hard to believe, and at about 1/8th the price.
I have a VK75SE driving Wilsons watt puppy 6's. drive the heck out of them. I know your B&w's are not as effecicent, but I 2nd the comment above.

However, I don't think the VK75SE is bright. It's pretty nuetral for a tube amp. Very solid bass, soaring highs, midrange liquid and wet. Cables, like power cords, do effect the sound. Also, if it's not one a 20 amp dedicated line (like any current hungry amp) it might be starved a little and contribute to brightness....
JFRENCH, are you isolating the 75se in any way? What does it sit on?
Well, it's sensitive. Right now, I have it on DH Jumbo cones and squares on a home made amp stand. I've had it on symposium rollerblocks, big improvement, but the rollerblocks make a bigger dif. on my bat phono stage.

I'll likely try a Symposium shelf next under the amp.
Thanks so much guys for return. I have the Symposium shelf Super Plus and the Roller blocks Series 2+ under my VK-150SE's and make a huge improvement on the amps sound.