Can the AR VT100 adequately drive the sophia

I am interested in purchasing the Wilson Sophias to replace my Proac 2.5s. Wondering if the Audio Research VT100 has enough power to drive the Sophias.
I have the Martin Logan Quest Z's driving the smaller
ARC VT-60 it is biwired per Lenords instructions
from ARC utilizing the full tap from the 4 ohm transformer
of the amp.This speaker can dip down from 2 to 3 ohms
and I have no problems thus far.
No problem! My friend is using the ARC 50watt integrated to power his Wilson Sophia's and it is magical! The Sophia doesn't drop to a 3.4 ohm load like the Watt Puppy 7's, and they are pretty efficient! You will have an outstanding system with teh ARC VT100!

Lookup Member Goten1969 to see his Sophia's and ARC.