Can't tell if LP's are stereo or mono from ads

One of my pet peeves is finding an LP I want to buy but can't tell if it is stereo or mono. Bought a few that I thought were stereo but were not. Some sellers are reluctant to tell you if asked. As we all know, to get the best reproduction from either, the right play back equipment is essential. Further, equipment listings leave little doubt on this issue. This seems to be a common problem at Audiogon and Ebay. Can we get them to insist LP's are properly identified? Your thoughts.
I've bought hundreds of LPs off ebay and have never had a problem confirming stereo or mono.
Same thing for CDs. But it's usually obvious that, for example, Benny Goodman 1937 Broadcast recoprdings will be mono.
My experience is the same as Narrod's - I've bought heaps of LPs on eBay and here (including a very fine copy of *Hatari* from Narrod) - - -- never had any problems figuring out if the LP was mono or stereo.
If it is an LP you are looking for how come you don't know if it is stereo or mono?

Actually, I just listen to music I like, format is unimportant.
Usually the LP will say if it is stereo, but in mono it will say nothing because that was the only format aviable.
A difference can be heard in depth and soundstaging. Hovever why Rwilson2 is getting confused in the high fidelity recordings. These along with certain mono pressings can sound much better than stereo. A perfect example is the King high fidelity recordings. If anyone has the Analogue Productions recording of Ben Websters' At the Renaissance, or better yet the mono recordings of Jay Miller of Excello Blues, or the legendary Jay Miller. sessions on Flyright. These far surpass even some of the best stereo recordings. Looks like Rwilson2 has a great of listening to do, and I envy him.