Can't suit a speaker to suit Linn

Tried 802d, scala, 1037be,803d, 1007be and none are that great. Scala was great but too expensive and the solos can't control the bass.

I have linn klimax kontrol, solos and klimax ds.

Linn speakers not available here yet. Room is about 4./2meters x 8 meters.

I listen to all music except classical and control - jazz and rock mostly

Any recommendations ??
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I recommend a Linn speaker from Audiogon. Buy it at the right price, resell for not much loss if you don't like it.
I have a pair of Linn Majik 140's hooked up to a tube (formerly all Linn)system and they are awesome. I,ve also heard the Linn DS with them, and the Akurate 242's. What a great sound. Good luck.
Hmmmm, i dont really want to buy Linn speakers unless I can hear them - and given theres no used pairs for sale in my area im kinda stuffed. I cant go to a linn dealer and listten to new ones then buy used ones!
Ewwww that an UGLY speaker!