Can't Stop Grinning...

I know, 'give me a quarter and I'll call someone who cares'. I'm just so pleased that I wanted to post here… first time caller, long time listener, as they say.

After what must have seemed like 1,000 emails to a very patient audiophile friend of mine and way too many hours reading threads on a-gon, my system has finally all come together. And the sound... well, the subject says it all - I can't stop grinning!

It took longer than expected, most of which was by design. I bought second hand, so sent most of the gear back to the manufacturers to be checked out... the power amp spent 9 weeks at the factory service center, the amp in my sub had to be sent in for servicing (and was updated while there), the speakers spent three weeks back at the factory having all the drivers replaced... sounds like a run of bad luck - not really. Just some unexpected delays, but hey, now my 'new' gear is sporting all brand new hardware and should provide years of trouble-free service.

So, what's got my so effusive? For years I was happily listening to a system anchored by a Pioneer Elite AV receiver mated to a Sony carousel disc spinner feeding 30+ year old ADC speakers tethered by lamp wire. Not audiophile fare by any stretch, but it easily bested my second system – a radio alarm clock (not really). I recently got the bug, and decided to upgrade pretty much the entire system. Even though the components were purchased over the course of a few months, due to the aforementioned repairs, I am only now getting all the bits into place... and I am thrilled!

A big thanks to this community, as every time I was curious about a topic, a search through the archives yielded a wealth of information.

Time to stop typing and go back to listening... thanks a-gon'ers,

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Stop now, never get on A'Gon or any other audio website again. It is an addictive hobby, believe me when I say this.
Welcome to the jungle baby.....your gonnaaaaaa dieeeee!!!!!

To be trying new gear eventually!!! :o)
Have fun, but cut your CC's now!!
Close your eyes, grab the good feeling you have now, and never read another Audiogon thread.

Your audio nirvana will last much longer.
I have a $40 Philips stereo CD/radio alarm clock that really doesn't sound competes with a Bose Wave radio...honestly.

It really sounds quite good with a pair of Realistic Nova 45 headphones (a classic great value in their own right) that I have owned for ages.
thanks for the advice, fellas... i hear ya. this whole project started when i decided to add a subwoofer to enhance the HT experience. i then started reading about gear on a-gon and chatting with a VERY patient a-phile friend of mine... fast forward a few months and the entire system has been changed - every component.

i'm done, honestly. it may sound naive, but things are sounding so fabulous right now - to my ears at least - that i've quieted the upgrade bug!!

Good for you and well done getting it all second hand - very savvy. Now lets see some pics and a virtual system... you know pay it forward - try yourself to help someone the way A'gon helped you ;-)
I am still trying to figure out what the system actually is?
Shadorne, it will be my pleasure to offer assistance to anyone I can. As I mentioned, I drank deeply from the archives here and from a very good friend that’s been at it for many years. I am, admittedly, quite new to these waters, so hesitate to offer inputs beyond my direct experience, but will certainly comment where I can. I will assuredly get some pictures posted as soon as I'm able.

Gone is the Pioneer AV receiver, replaced by a Theta Casablanca II preamp and Mark Levinson No.29 power amp. The 10 year old disc spinner has been replaced by an Apple TV music server which feeds digital signal to the DACs in the CBII. The ADC speaks have been replaced by Green Mountain Audio Callistos resting atop Sonus Faber Extrema stands and a Velodyne HGS-15 THX Ultra 2 sub, and gone is the lamp wire in favor of Audio Arts Cables (interconnects, too). I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Roy at Green Mountain Audio and Rob at Audio Arts... two of the finest purveyors I have come across in a long time. I honestly thought the commitment these gentlemen have for their customers was not to be found any longer. They are exceptional... I've no affiliation, just a satisfied customer passing along my experience.

Turn the lights down, queue up a good recording, and it's almost creepy how visceral the experience is - the performers are right here in the room with me!

Gotta say, that's a heck of an upgrade! nice stuff, you went right to the top.
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Very nice.

Were those old ones ADC 303AX speakers by any chance?
Those were real classics, not too well known. A lot better and more coherent IMHO than the Advents that were much more famous.

bingo... ADC 303AX. they were looking a bit dated, so a few years ago i made new grills for them which made them look, IMHO, fantastic. for such old speakers, they still sound fabulous. in fact, the last component i replaced was the ADC speaks, so satisfied was i with them for all these years.

thanks again, all!

These are some of the best times in audio, when you finally take that first big step its all smiles and music!
Another way to keep enjoying things is to just take very small steps when upgrading. I kept creeping up with relatively cheap equipment, and I am enjoying every step of the way tremendously. Every little addition gives a whole new, and better, sound, it's bliss every couple years or so! If I ever win the lottery and lose my mind and buy a pair of Grand Kharma's with (insert name of insanely expensive and good amplification and sources) or something, the pleasure of getting better and better sound will be lost.