can't remember his name

This has been driving me crazy for some time...a guitarist that made at least two albums in the 70s. I think he may have played in an early incarnation of Steve Miller's band and the only shred of memory I have is that one of the really good cuts on the first album was called "Old Judge Jones"....please, put me out of my misery.
Les Dudek is his name! Your misery is over.
It's amazing what you can do with Google. :-)
Actually, Synthfreek, I have the LP, and back in my radio DJ days (way, WAY back), this song was on my personal "heavy rotation" playlist, for a time!
I owe you Fatparrot!!! any of his stuff ever make it onto CDs??
I have a couple of Les Dudek albums on LP, and they are pretty good. I like "Ghost Town Parade" best. Several good cuts on there. Released in 1978, it included a number of famous contributing musicians including Carmine Appice, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, and Jack Bruce.
Wow, a Les Dudek sighting. I, too, will have to dust off a few of my copies. The first self-titled LP had a host of fine musicians, as I remember. Porcaro and even Boz scaggs and Tom Scott. (?) Thanks for the throw back reference, Tubino. One problem with having so many LP's is that you sometimes forget about certain ones for extended periods.
Fatparrot my resonse was actually for the one who started the thread.