Can't give up the old (McIntosh)

I am looking for a pair of speakers that will work well with my old (McIntosh 7100 power amp) this old workhorse is getting too tired to push my (Platinum audio mini's) so efficiency is  a must...(thanks in advance)
1 Room........12'X 12
2 height 14 foot
Budget....Under 5K

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Maybe Tekton, but no mini’s. Efficient and under budget. You would need to listen of course. I have never heard the combo.
Actually, Tekton does have some monitors to choose from.

Maybe it is time for a capacitor tune up for the McIntosh.  I just refurbished my MA 6100 and it sounds great again.  New speakers are never a bad idea though.
Was thinking of that myself, also maybe another 7100 to team up?