Can't get ipad to control Tidal on Mini

Basically, that's it.   All blue tooth is on.....Tidal and Mini. (However, Mini doesn't "see" ipad in blue tooth page). Stupid question but, is this why? Does Tidal even allow ipads to control Tidal on desktop systems? 
It HAS to work..........right?
Um, no, I haven't heard of that feature. Tidal on the iPad plays on the iPad. Tidal on the Mini plays on the Mini.

You can use a remote virtual desktop software like Real VNC to remotely view and operate the Mini from the iPad. You'll need the app running on the iPad and Desktop version running on the Mini. This is great for all kinds of things, particularly if you're running a Mini "headless"

I don't remotely operate Tidal running on the Mini from my iPad because I use Roon for that. 

Roon is an application I suggest you look into. It has a great interface on both the desktop and iPad and will do what you want.

Good luck.
So if you mean an ipad mini yes you can run Tidal on it, mine has the Tidal app but I run Tidal via Lightning DS via my Auralic Aries Mini. And why bluetooth? Can't you just hook the mini up to your wifi?
Your iPad must be newer and not the first or second generation.  You need at least the newer Air model. Older 1 and 2 versions will not work.  All mini versions work.
you have to use a seperate app, you can't control Tidal on one unit by Tidal in another.

Use Chrome remote desktop and that should do it, you use it on the Ipad to control the nini.  That's what I used to do before i got an Auralic streamer
Thanks to all who replied.
If I use Chrome Remote Desktop, is the music going FROM the ipad wirelessly to the Mini? Or is the ipad controlling the music FROM the Mini? I hope it's the later.
Meaning, am I just using the ipad as a remote control?  If I'm paying $20 a month for lossless quality, I don't want it to go  wirelessly from my ipad to the computer.
What is "the Mini"? Can you be more clear? If it is the Aries Mini just download the DS Lightning app onto your ipad and you can use it to stream Tidal. And yes the ipad is just a remote control.

LOL. When I responded I thought he meant Mac Mini. Lesson learned.

I think your question should have been the first question.

devilboy, you use the Ipad as a remote control and you control everything on the mini.  The music will be from your Tidal in the Mini.  It is essentially like your IPad is a mouse and keyboard for your mini.
@johnziomas, yes, that's exactly what I was hoping for. I'll get the Chrome Remote Desktop like you said.

Question regarding Roon: I read on a Roon support forum that my iPad must be 64gb to control Roon. Is this true?  I wouldn't think so.
Got the Audirvana A+ remote app on the ipad, but it still can't control Tidal on my computer. When I use the ipad music only comes from the ipad itself. It doesn't control the computer. What's going on?
Any help?
Messaged you also.  Are you using a Mac Mini computer or Windows?

Audirvana is only for Mac I believe, to use its remote app, you have to be running Audirvana software on your Mac, and the remote app actually controls that software not Tidal.

maybe someone else can chime in.
@johnziomas, yes I messaged you as well. My computer is a Mac Mini. The Audirvana I purchased isn't showing up on my computer and I followed the installation instructions.
I tried Google chrome remote but it asks to type "chrome apps" (or something like that), in the search bar, but when I do it says not valid email address.
I'm lost.
Here are some apps that are allowed for remote control on the desktop from the iPad models you want. One way is to spend $500 on Roon. In contrast, the Audirvana A+ is a smaller investment.