Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth

I have owned a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers for over 4 years. They can sound very good, BUT also have a HARD AND UNSMOOTH sound when playing certain CD's. I have changed electronics from separates to an integrated amp, and recently purchased a Ayre CX-7e to replace a Rega Apollo. The Ayre easily highlights the limitations of the Rega player and outperforms it.

Nevertheless, the hard and unsmooth sound seems to prevail. It can also sound like an acoustic overtone, and (I think )the music looses its bloom or musicality. The current living space is well damped with maps,and rug hangings on the walls. I also have two 6 ft tall bookcases that contain only 70% less books than my previous apartment These shelves are in the corner, perpendicular to the speaker on each side of the room.

I encountered this problem before in a different and smaller living space.

I also recently changed speakers cables from a 4 year old pair of Audio Art SC-5 to a brand new pair of Grover Huffman which seemed to be slowly breaking in and are more detailed than the AA cable. I also replaced the standard wimpy power cord of the Ayre player with Panagea's new 14SE MKII power cord designed for just components, not amps. The Panagea PC is excellent, and has dropped the noise floor allowing for more detail to emerge. I drive the Adagios with the Rogue Sphinx hybrid integrated amp (100RMS)whose PC was replaced by an Acoustic Zen Tsumani Plus power cord.

I am beginning to wonder if there is another speaker that might provide a smoother top end performance and still have the taut bass, and detailed mids of the Adagios. Will appreciate all and any advice, even new speaker recommendations. Thank you
(((I am beginning to wonder if there is another speaker that might provide a smoother top end performance and still have the taut bass,)))
Jim if you can get your hands on the newest Sig 2 Vandersteen
they are now packed with the Five As patented midrange drivers and networked accordingly.
Combining this with amps like Rogue Atlas and Ayre would put you into a whole new world even with stock power cords.
I agree with Jdoris, the problem could quite likely be in the CDs/recordings themselves and NOT your equipment...

Try a tube DAC or CD player. In my experience this can smooth out that CD sound.
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
((Try a tube DAC or CD player.))
Jim spent thousands looking for magic and your solution is to to blur it up it with band aids for him.
Many folks have silver Plated cables from boutique types that impress for less but don't play with neutrality.
Borrow a pr of Cardas interconnects for your CD player
and see where that gets you.
I wish I could answer each contributor to this thread, because many have provided many good comments

But first, let me clarify something. I claimed that the speakers don't sound good on certain CD's. However, I don't buy crap recordings, even if the music justifies them. Many of these so called remastered CD are more hype than improvement. I have found the "Salvo" remasters are very good. A few Japanese pressings provide improvement over the original, but generally they are not convincing. Occasionally, there are some surprises. The re-mastered version of Hall and Oats Silver album is a definite improvement over the LP. The Salvo redo of Procul Harum's "Salty Dog" is excellent, and highlights the collective genius of these musicians. The Japanese remastered Beatles "White Album" is a wash and not worth the extra yen; The "Yes" Band remasters are generally good for Japanaese pressings, but not consistent. I have a few Chesky CD's which are very good, and Tom Jung's Flim and the BB's which are first rate.

One point that was made is that the Adagios just may not be the most current or effective speaker technology. Of course, these type of statements are open to ridicule because the design and execution of that design of speaker accomplishes everything the designer(Richard Lee)intended and then some. Remember AZ was basically a cable company whose target market is not speakers.

.....BTW, sorry Audioconnection I have little to no interest in Vandersteen products. I had a pair of 1C about 10 years ago. Nice speaker, but disagreeable owner. In addition, the Vandy 2C's are too big and bulky, as are the Adagios. I often wonder if a smaller speaker. or monitor could possibly be at this point in my broken down condition be the better choice, and possibly almost provide performance similar to the Adagios.