Can't find used pricing on Rythmik Direct Servo F12 Subwoofer anywhere

(Note: Looks like I posted this prematurely as I found some listing this am. For some reason I can't delete this post tho. But if you have any other feedback for me on these speakers I'd love to hear it. I "think" I've answered my pricing question.)
I’m a widow selling my hubby’s stereo system. (I posted before about his B&W 805D3 Diamond Series w/Factory Stands.) I have moved on to his two Rythmik Audio Direct Servo F12 Subwoofers (A370XLR3). I don’t know what to price them at. Hifishark dot com isn’t showing any that are currently on sale or ones that have sold. I’ve tried typing in diff. combos of words but to no avail.

He bought them from Rythmik Audio for $980 each, which includes shipping. I know we’re not supposed to ask about pricing here, but since I can’t find any info anywhere and I’m clueless, could someone advise me on this? (It might be like you guys wanting to know what to charge for a particular piece of Norwegian solje or enamel jewelry---something that I collect.)

I’ve been asking $450 each or $800 for the pair but folks are balking at those prices. I want to sell them, but don’t want to give them away either. I believe he bought them within the last 3-4 years. (I have a message into Rythmik Audio about that.)

The subwoofers are in excellent shape. I had a couple of lookers here yesterday and they even commented on the great shape they’re in. They’re hefty too, weighing about 70 pounds each. For some reason though, I do not have the original boxes for them. (If that helps.)
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My mistake.  Post deleted.  I didn't read carefully and missed that you'd already checked HiFi Shark.  
I think your pricing is appropriate, even slightly low, from what I see. I saw plenty in the sold section at HiFiShark to give me an idea.  Some are higher for what you are selling, some slightly lower. When I search HiFiShark, I use broader terms and then look through the individual ads. For what you have, I just searched Rythmik F12. You have to look for those that have the A 370 amp in the ads themselves. You also need to know which driver is in them .There is a standard aluminum cone (either silver or black) or an optional GR Research paper cone driver. Not having boxes hurts because it shrinks the pool of buyers, but you price is very fair IMO.
These subwoofers had the black cones. I knew to check for that. I am learning so many things I never thought I'd ever need to!

Thank you for your reply csmgolf. You have given me confidence in my pricing.