Can't find Sarai Givaty music on CD

Help! I have looked everywhere for any releases of Sarai
Givaty's Music on CD- No Joy! She has songs, and Music Video's on the Internet including Youtube Music- such as:
Into Your Heart, Grenade (Bruno Mars), Bring it Down. What
gives? Is this strictly MP3 Download exclusive access Music
only? Why no CD? Is this how all New Music is going to end up- strictly Download only?
I have recently also ran into a couple of artists that I was looking for their CDs and found MP3 downloads only. I am assuming it's a much cheaper way for the artist(s) to get heard. I didn't buy the MP3s, hopefully they will have CDs out at some point?
From what I found, she's primarily an actress, not a singer, and she's released no albums. She does have a cut on a compilation album "Mo-Shic* – Salamat" by YoYo records. Everything seems to be cut from something other than a traditional album or CD.

Good luck finding other material, but have to say her voice and music didn't do much for me.
Why is she putting alot of Music Videos on the Internet,
including some on Youtube Music in HD no less, if she
doesn't have a Music Career? I have even seen tickets
being sold on the Internet- for her in concert. I have
seen rumors about a potential CD coming out- just rumors.
Actress or not, somebody is going to alot of trouble to
make her Music accessable on the Internet- yet no CD! I
have heard rumors of the production of CD's ceasing by the
end of 2012. Everyone says this rumor is nonsense- Now this
along with other New Music Artists! What am I supposed to
believe here? Someday all New Music will only be available
as Music Downloads. Is that day today? Why don't the Artists just announce that their Music will be strictly
Download only? Enough guessing!
You'd have to ask her as to why she hasn't released an album. Maybe she doesn't have enough material for a whole album, maybe the youtube stuff is all she wants to do, who knows? Have you left a message on one of her fan websites?

Lots of actresses sing, yet don't make a career as a musician a primary focus.

I'm not quite convinced that the lack of a CD release by an actress/model with no established singing career suffices as the official prognosticator for the future of the CD format.
Where there is smoke, there is fire. Obviously, her Music
Video's are pulling in Advertizing Dollars for Youtube.
Mofimadness claims that he can't find CD's for other Artists, just the MP3 Downloads. If the Artists just want
their Music available as Downloads only, why not just say so? If the Record Industry just wants to release certain
songs as Download only, why not just specify which songs?
This whole "Soon all New Music will be available as Downloads only", is being decided in smoke filled rooms away from public view. Maybe it is because they don't
want to alarm the Public? All that you need to do is a
Wikipedia Search for Sarai Givaty, and it lists Model/
Actress/Pop-singer; but, no CD! Tickets being sold for
her in Concert, but no CD! No public announcement that her
Music will only be available as Download only! You don't find this a little strange? What other Artists are doing this? Is it the Recording Industry pushing this? Why hide
it??? Have as much luck getting an answer from one of her
Fan Websites as getting one from those "Smoke filled Rooms"!
This seems to be your worry, not mine. Good luck with getting it sorted out.
It becomes everyone's worry if it becomes a trend for
all New Music Pop Artists. If it isn't a big deal, why all
of the secrecy? Simple: Artist- "News flash, I am only
going to provide my Music in Download Format only. Don't
waste your time looking for the CD". Record Company
handling same Music- "Ditto, in fact here is a list of
other Albums of other Artists that we plan on making
available as Download only. Don't waste your time looking
for the CD with these others either". I can handle that, but to just leave everyone guessing? What is their motivation behind all of the secrecy? If you want to steer
someone towards purchasing the online Downloaded Music File, you would prefer that they be distracted looking for a non-existing CD? Letting them know that the selected
particular Music is only available as a Download, that is
ineffective Advertising? What is it then? There is a
monetary reason why they are doing it this way- I would
like to know why?