Can't find "Till There Was You" by Laura Fygi

"Till There Was You" was once one of 16 Tracks off of the
Laura Fygi Album "The Lady Wants To Know". I have only been
able to find a 13 Track version of "The Lady Wants To Know"
on CD. "Till There Was You" is one of the missing Tracks.
Anybody know what happened to the missing Tracks? Was the
16 Track Version a European Version? Can't find the 16 Track Version on CD anywhere. Any suggestions as to where
I can find this, or special order it?
I was able to listen the whole album (16 tracks) at but there's something curious. On the 13 track album the release date is Jun 21/1994 and the 16 track album the release date is later on Aug 8/1994 probably on that period they decided to add a few tracks more? just a thought
What little info. I have gleened so far. 13 Track Version
of "The Lady Wants To Know" was released in U.S. by
Polygram Records. 16 Track Version was released in Europe
by Mercury Records. Possible Copyright issue over "Till
There Was You", and other Tracks.