Can't find much info on Mcintosh C-41 preamp.

I'm considering buying a used McIntosh C-41 preamplifier but I'm just not able to find much information on it. I don't know what years it was manufactured and I can't find any reviews on it. There are several available on the used market and some of them have been available for a long time - but they're just not selling. Is there a reason for this?
Check out the best info you'll find,
The C41 was made roughly 1997-2002 or so. It is a very nice preamp for the money and I thought of getting one for myself but I bought a C42 instead. The C42 has a much nicer and better volume control and more features. I also felt the C42 was more transparent and dynamic. The C41 is basically an overlooked model - there isn't anything wrong with it, it is just basic.

one of the best selling mac pre's ever. very good, and nice phono section too.