can't find caps

were does one find 80uf 100v and 22uf 100v capacitors for martin logan speakers model aerius
Check here, by selecting, "Capacitors-Film" in the box at the top of the page, then "auriCAP" at the bottom of the next. It's OK to go higher in voltage value, but not lower. You can also parallel two or more caps to equal a desired capacitance. ( If auriCAPs are too salty for you; those values are also available under Solen/AEON(page 6) here: ( Some notes on the auriCAPs: 1) In all coupling applications the input to the auriCAP should be the black lead and connected to the signal source or circuit output with the red lead continuing on to the next circuit input.

2) In all power supply decoupling applications the outside foil, or black lead, should be connected to ground and the red lead connected to the voltage to be decoupled. This is true for decoupling either voltage polarities.

3) In loudspeaker crossover applications, if the auriCAP is in series, like feeding a tweeter, the black lead connects to the input binding post and the red lead connects to the tweeter. Where the auriCAP is in parallel, as typically used for woofers, the black lead connects to the speaker connection that connects to the input binding post and the red lead connects to the other speaker terminal. Follow these same rules for midrange connections where you will have a combination of both.

The idea is to always have the outside foil connected to the lower impedance to provide outside foil shielding to noise. Circuit outputs are always lower impedance than inputs and should be connected to the outside foil.
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Higher voltage is always ok.