Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.

I have given some thought about going the tube route for amplification but it sounds  like a risky move. None of usual online stores: Tube Store, Tube Depot or Upscale Audio have any output tube available. Are things that bad? 


What output tube and manufacturer are you referring to? Never mind looks like many KT series tubes are unavailable that's a bummer I thought the tube shortage was improving not worsening.

No, they are not that bad.


You must compare the value of the sound created using tubes compared to temporary market changes. Tubes are not going away.


All my equipment is tubed. I purchased a replacement tube set for each. This means that I should be good for around 6,000 - 8,000 hours. I am retired, and listen to my system about 3 hours a day. At that rate, I am good for eight years. Any tubes that have gotten scarce because of the war will either become available because it is over or the facility is moved.

Anyway, I was put off by tubes in amps for twenty years because of possible reasons of possible failures, biasing, cost… biggest mistake in my audio pursuit.

Great sound quality and tubes go together, I have been listening to my all tube system for the last four years.. 3,500 hours. I have replaced 2 tubes… about $120. I can’t tell you how much pleasure these years have brought me.