can't Bias a tube

I have a cj mv52 the other night I heard a loud buzzing in my right channel after which the amp had no power. I looked inside the amp and the power supply fuse blew. I replaced it and all the tubes were out of bias. When trying to bias one of the el34 output tubes there is no red light at all so there is no starting point to bias the tube. does this mean a bad tube or problem with the amp. Would appreciate any feedback.
The bias resistor(s) might have been burned out by a tube that went cherry-red. Look for visible burn marks on resistors. Or tube that won't bias is bad; replace. Then re-bias other tubes.
If an output tube cannot be biased within its correct operating range, remove and replace it, don't continue to run the unit with that tube in place. If the the interior power supply fuse blows (not one of the externally accesible output channel fuses), do not run the unit again until it has been professionally diagnosed and serviced, and do not reuse any of the current tubes again, replace them all. This advice is based on my experience with my MV-55 and instructions from c-j techs, but don't take the word of online forum respondents about something like this, give c-j a call!

Looks to me that one of your output tubes has bitten the dust. Replace the fuse and tube and rebias. Also, if this tube has failed, chances are all the tubes need replacing.

hope this helps,