Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.

Good morning.
It has been over 10 years since I have actively participated in the forums.  Well I am back and bit hard.  I purchased 2 Bluesound Node2is and 1 Powernode2i on Saturday.  I have not done any critical listening in a very long time.  I am itching to get back into being an audiofool.  In a position to put a listening together again and I don't want to be patient but alas I must.  All in due time.  So feel free to welcome back this goner.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.  LOL!!

I have physical therapy at 10:00 so I will respond to all of you after it is over.
Welcome artizen.... This picture of yourself is way better than mine..... 😊
Welcome back just joking hope you get a great system and have many years of enjoyment.Stay well!!
Welcome back. I've only been here a few months and have only been moderately abused. We will be happy to send you down endless rabbitholes and help you unwisely spend your money. 
    First, make sure all your components require pricey, old stock vintage tubes...