Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.

Good morning.
It has been over 10 years since I have actively participated in the forums.  Well I am back and bit hard.  I purchased 2 Bluesound Node2is and 1 Powernode2i on Saturday.  I have not done any critical listening in a very long time.  I am itching to get back into being an audiofool.  In a position to put a listening together again and I don't want to be patient but alas I must.  All in due time.  So feel free to welcome back this goner.
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Welcome back,

The Node 2i  is a great value for streaming and I think you'll like it.
I have used one for a little over a year and the convenience factor has increased the ratio of streaming and decreased my CD and vinyl time.
When/if the upgrade bug bites, you can get a higher quality external DAC and get to enjoy all your favorites sounding just a little bit better. 
When I  have time for serious, critical listening, the vinyl always gets spun. But much of the other time, streaming is great. It's all about enjoying one's music!
Well I can tell you that the Node 2i has a good streaming interface,  but would recommend using an external DAC with ESS9038 chipset using a high quality digital coax cable.  

Pretty new here myself.  So you'll be shopping for speakers soon... have you met kenjit yet?
Then there is bipolar vs mosfet... that’s always good. The Node is great to explore world music. I’m all over vinyl, but it really is limiting in the exploratory realm... I don’t buy vinyl on a whim. I do stream on a whim and then find stuff to buy on vinyl!