Can Streamed Music Sound Better than any other source?

I am about to make the leap. Jumping into a Server or is it a Streamer? To use existing DAC-Oppo 203- or upgrade? I love the concept of access to all the music on line. So I don't actually own any of it-thats fine. Buying downloads adds up quickly. $20/month sounds like a bargain.  Roon's system looks appealing. I can add Tidal and be done, right? I get a lot of great counsel from my old school expert at the HiFi store I support locally but he can't even spell stream.
I was born in the 50's and want to use this listening option now. As this technology is still evolving, I am not inclined to overspend on gear that may be as valuable as a VCR in a year or two.
In the end I want to know if I can have this new source sounding better than CDs and LPs. I am not going back to reel-to-reel so if that is best source, please ignore it as it regards my purposes.
Thank you. I look forward to learning from the responses!!
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Not sure if it is better than vinyl or CD, but when the BBC stream live classical concerts, the sound even through a cheap as chips Bluesound Node streamer sounds rather good to me.

Yes I would heartily agree about the quality of the BBC broadcasts as being beautifully clean and dynamic and most probably the best radio recording and broadcasts going. In I think 2016 they broadcast the Proms in 16/48khz flac and also binaural sound which was absolutely stunning but they said it was a one off but I really hope enough people e-mail them so they will relent and maybe start doing limited concerts again.
The Oppo 203 has a couple of USB ports. Put your digital music on a solid state drive and connect it to the USB on your Oppo. Connect a small monitor to the HDMI output. Bingo! You now have a decent "server" with a large LCD display to navigate your music and see what you are playing. Yes, you can use a usb thumb drive to test it out.

The Oppo won’t "stream" music from Tidal so you need another device for that. I use a Bluesound Node 2 to as a streamer for Tidal HiFi. The Node 2 dac ain’t shabby (Burr Brown) but I connect its digital out directly to the Oppo input to bypass the Node 2 dac and use the Oppo’s dac instead which I like better. If you already have an external dac you could connect it to your dac's digital input instead.

Bluesound just released the new Node 2i so if you are buying a new Node 2 get the latest version.
The above will get you "streaming" and "serving" for under $700 including the Node 2i and USB drive for you to be able to answer your title's question for yourself using the type of music and whatever music source you want to compare to.


The BBC should broadcast at the highest quality  as they receive approx 3.7 billion pounds sterling a year from the good burgers in the UK, EVERY year. A friend of mine worked in accounting a few years back at the beeb, and he told they spent a million pounds a month on limousines etc to chauffeur all the lovies around. It is staggering how many streaming channels BBC has, literally 100's (maybe a slight exaggeration but for sure many).  There is a multitude of good quality streaming channels available for free that should satisfy even the ardent audiophile. I, for one am a streaming radio convert. 
How can anyone not like the quality of 'Davide of MIMIC' for classical music, or Linn Jazz?

@gawdblessYes I heartily agree about the streaming abilities of the BBC but they are using the most quality that they are allowed by the EU ( maybe we'll get our airwaves back after Brexit ) . They already put out two streams for people to sample 128 and 320 kbps .flv files and really they are rather good as I have often been thrilled by the quality of some of their Mahler and Richard Strauss broadcasts. Do remember that quality also comes from mike placement and the BBC go for the simplest for the task in hand and I have attended concerts that were recorded for later broadcast and all they used for the recording was a crossed pair and a spot for the soloist. later they would broadcast it and it was a very believable acoustic and superb sound.
I laughed at your bit about the luvies and to a point I have to agree but there is one thing that burns up the license fee more which is the exorbitant fees that they pay these vacuous and extremely loud airheads in these awfull soaps that Brittain gets flooded with every night. I think the watchword for these idiots is who can shout the loudest. One of the latest and greatest who can hardly string a sentance together and co hosts a Saturday night dancing contest fo about 15 episodes gets £440.000 for that alone. No the license fee is dribbled away by the programs where the worse that you are at acting the better you are paid.