Can Sony TC-377 reel to reel tape deck with 60 cycle power be used with 50 cycle power

I have a Sony TC-377 reel to reel tape deck. It uses 110 volt power with 60 cycles. I would like to use it overseas where there is 220 volt power with 50 cycles. I purchsed a step down power converter which would convert 220 power to 110. Can this reel to reel tape be used in 50 cycles power? I would be converting lots of old 7 inch reel music into digital. Will this unit work with 50 cycles?
If it uses synchronous motors, it will not run at the correct speed at 50Hz. 
I have one 50 hz pulley came with other Sony TC-377. The audio repair man told me that he would use this pulley on the first machine I plan to take overseas and replace capacitor so it would work. In other words, Sony TC-377 will be fitted with 50 hz pulley and would use 110 volt power stepped down from 220 volt. Does this sound ok? Thanks for your response.
I’d want to consult the service Manual first. That is the true, authoritative source of information.