Can Sony's SCD C333ES play CDR's?

I called Sony and was told yes on the phone a few days ago. I also emailed them and got a response today that both the SCD C333ES and SCD C777ES cannot play CDR's. Anyone with a definitive answer. I'd like to use it for backround listening when entertaining. I burn CDR's since I have 2 homes. Thanks.
The manual on the '333 states that it will not play CD-Rs.

I haven't tried it to verify though.
I just tried 3 of my kid's- 2 Memorex 74 minutes ones and a Verbatim 74 minute one and all played just fine on my 333ES.
It took the normal amount of time for the TOC to lock on although they didn't stay in the machine too long (music genre not to my taste) but long enough to answer your question.
The 333ES will play CD-Rs. (I use TDK music disc). However, they have trouble if you try to use the shuffle play feature. Apparently they can't lock onto individual tracks.