Can someone tell me what this song is??

If you cannot hear the tune in question playing on your computer right now... either turn up your volume or try to download it from the link at the bottom. I believe this is Vivaldi. But... from what?

If you would, please listen and if you can, please let me know the title of this. Also, if you could suggest a great recording of it, that would be a big help.

Song in Question

Thanks for the help!!
Vivaldi's Four Seasons - probably his most well known work!
Vivaldi: The 4 seasons.
Oh shesh! Call me stupid!

Thanks for the response! I appreciate it!
... hmmm I can only hear Winter, Spring and Summer -- do I need to upgrade to a Pentium 4? :)
My SoundCrapster audio Card on my computer is telling me that It sounds like "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy.
But when I jump on my other computer and listen with a real soundcard (ie) Turtle-Beach Santa Cruz. It lets me know that it is in deed, Vivaldi's: "Four Seasons"..
The piece is by Vivaldi and is the orchestral beginning of the 3rd movement of SUMMER Op. 8 No. 2 from "THE FOUR SEASONS". Your excerpt stops right before the solo violin entrance.
Dumb question, how did you do that? I have an old fusion song that I'd love to find the title and who it's by.
What a tease, Now I have to go buy the whole dang album:~)
I've got a really fantastic recording / performance of this, which is one of the few discs I use to test new equipment.

Archiv Produktion
Stereo 400 045-2
copyright 1982 Polydor INternational GmbH, Hamburg, Previously released as 2534 003
The English Concert
Simon Standage (violin), Trevor Pinnock

go to
skip the intro
click on catalogue
enter 4 seasons in the search for window
it is the 6th of 11 choices (grey cover, 1982, picture of a blue dude with huge hair blowing wind on the cover).
this is the best i've ever heard of this performance, particularly the violin soloist (simon standage), and also the quality of the recording is excellent.

happy listening.
Thanks you so much for the responses!

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Let me know if you have any questions.
Yes it is Antonio Vivaldi's "Le Quattro Stagioni" and this is my favorite recording of it. I am pretty sure that this is the "The English Concert" with Simon Standage and Trevor Pinnock on Archiv.(400 045-2) It has a great picture on the booklet of a guy with a huge fro. Dale