Can someone suggest a turntable shelf?

I've been advised to mount my turntable on a wall shelf. I'm wondering if any shelf would do or am I better off buying a product made specifically for this application. If so, any suggestions?
Target wall shelf others available there also..
Osage Audio, the maker of Audio Intelligent cleaning solutions, offers a wall shelf that looks interesting. The shelf is near the bottom of the linked page.

If you read the literature, you will find the shelf has a hidden mass loading compartment and other details that take it beyond a basic wood design.
Grand Prix Audio- Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System
Thanks, wish I knew what weight the Target shelf would hold... my VPI isn't that light...
A wall shelf is a great DIY project. Home Depot has brackets and the shelf itself can be made from all kinds of different materials. Lots of clues on the forums. If you don't want to go DIY, the Target shelf is pretty good for the money and you can tweak the platform. Finally, do not use any kind of glass as the platform.
Madfloyd: I just talked with A salesperson at Needledoctor and he metiioned they have had a 45lb table on there shelf for years and should hold quite a bit of weight as long as its bolted to studs...
Glass shelves are used on some very highly regarded stands including those by Naim and Wilson Benesch.
I double and triple Thorman----don't even think about this if you can't attach it to studs!!!
Finite Elemente or Grand Prix...
I've never seen a Scoutmaster placed on a shelf. I worry that this project will be a waste of your energy. I'm not worried about wasted money, because if you can afford a Scoutmaster, you can afford a shelf. But it takes effort to find studs and bolt into them. If your Scoutmaster isn't floating your boat now, a shelf will not provide a silver bullet.
While I bought a shelf, I've never opened it and am going to sell it. I do think I need to buy a better, more solid rack though. Mine is very wobbly.