Can someone suggest a lush tube integrated under $3000 used

My main system it’s solid state preamp and amp. I’ll through in a tube preamp on occasions. Somedays I just miss the lush involving syrupy tube sound with small jazz and blues recordings. I know highs may be rolled off,  not a lot of slam but can be so involving you lose track of time. This amp will be matched with some Joseph Audio first gen Pulsar, LSA 2 statement tower with ribbon tweeter and some Tiny Dancers. 

I’ve heard good things of the Cary, Ayon, maybe an old Conrad Johnson cav 50, I just don’t have much experience with integrated amps. My speakers aren’t the most efficient. 

Therefore, me being the sensitive logical and comprehending audio guru that I am I point out that Raven will deliver all that he wants without having to put up with any of what he doesn’t.

Guru, huh? You are nothing if not humble.
The Conrad Johnson CAV45 or 50 would suit your needs. Looks like you already thought about them. The CAV45 can often be found used for $3K. Good Luck!
Decided on the Audio Hungary a20i bought a demo from a dealer so should be here late next week. It stayed within my budget so I’m good with that normally I tend to go over. I saw a used Jadis in my budget but it was 20 years old and concerned with failure. I noticed a lot of people I talked to that we’re selling the Raven Blackhawk get the Raven but don’t keep it long, maybe 6 month. I really want a amp I can hold onto for many years. Hopefully this one is a keeper. Thank you to everyone for helping me find a amp.
Congratulations @paulcreed. Pure class A push pull topology.  I haven't heard this brand but  reportedly they have very robust power supply and output transformers.  I hope this amplifier works out well with your particular speakers.