Can someone suggest a lush tube integrated under $3000 used

My main system it’s solid state preamp and amp. I’ll through in a tube preamp on occasions. Somedays I just miss the lush involving syrupy tube sound with small jazz and blues recordings. I know highs may be rolled off,  not a lot of slam but can be so involving you lose track of time. This amp will be matched with some Joseph Audio first gen Pulsar, LSA 2 statement tower with ribbon tweeter and some Tiny Dancers. 

I’ve heard good things of the Cary, Ayon, maybe an old Conrad Johnson cav 50, I just don’t have much experience with integrated amps. My speakers aren’t the most efficient. 

I watched a video on the owner/designer of Raven Audio and his thoughts on building an amp were very impressive. His philosophy reminded me of Don Allen a guy that built a preamp for me long ago that cost $800 but sounded better than some $5000 preamps I had. Don always felt not to use matching resistors and caps, his idea was trial and error with parts to find the right sound, same statement Raven audio made.

I like how Raven pre has 6 preamp tubes to stagger different brands. They claim to put some money in the preamp section which I feel a lot of other company’s cut corners on the preamp section of an integrated. Main reason I’ve not had good luck with integrated amps a have used separates. 
Can someone explain how how Raven is getting moderately efficient speakers to get loud with 20 tube watts. I have a Mapleshade Scott lk48  maybe 20 watts but it can only do so much with 6 ohm 87 db speakers. That’s why it’s in a closet, it’s great with Altec 604’s or Klipsch but anything else it falls short. 
I like what I’m seeing from Raven Audio, will look into them some more.

One thing is for sure, all 20 watt tube amplifiers aren't the same nor are 87 db sensitivity speakers (Some are simply easier impedance loads than others). Sensitivity alone doesn't present the entire picture.

Fortunately Raven Audio has a very generous 45 day home trial period.  No better way to determine if their 20 watt amplifier is right for your particular situation. 
If it has not already become apparent, you will be best served by not giving any additional credence to those persons whose only apparent reason for frequenting this forum is to obsessively advertise brands that they own.
MC, is your Blackhawk "lush and syrupy'? If so, sorry for  you. If not, nice try and thanks for playing........