Can someone recommend replacement tubes for my MFA MAGUS A2 Preamplifier please?

I just purchased a MFA MAGUS A2 preamplifier and I am getting a loud roar noise after playing thru my MIETNER MTR101 monoblocks after about a half an hour.  My speakers are BOZAK URBANS. I also want to change the fuse in the e tee also power supply and need suggestions for that as well. Thank you. Bill A  

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I've been there with other equipment.

problem must be isolated before jumping to new tubes.

problem in both channels?

what channel?  first move tubes 1 at a time l to r, see if problem moves to other side. If not, switch another one.

cables? anything new?

rare, but something in speaker crossover could be amiss, do you have small speakers to hook up just to prove the problem persists with any speaker?