Can someone please help w/ Revel B15 setup?

I have the M20s and the B15 that a friend wants to sell set up in my living room. I've hooked them up to my current reference system using a Classe Six preamp and Levinson 23.5 amp. WOW! very impressive. The guy also let me take home his Levinson 383 that he had used with the M20s. I am considering buying all his gear for another system. I was wondering if there is any way to use the 383 with the B15, since there is no "pre out" on this integrated amp.

I could use the B15 and the M20s with my Melos SHA-1 preamp and a Levinson 27.5 if need be. The other major concern would be the need for 2 long interconnect runs of ten feet or more so the B15 can be placed in a corner like the instructions state. It seems to me that such long runs and the need to have two sets of interconnects and a subwoofer's electronics in the path between the amp and preamp would be deleterious to the sound. Not only that, but it will be deleterious to the wallet!! It would cost big bucks for 20 ft. of quality ICs. I was thinking of trying Signal Cable's Silver Resolutions which could be bought for around $600 for two 10 foot pairs. Ar least you get the option of returning them in 30 days if you don't like the sound. I would have to use a single-ended cable from the Melos to the sub, but I could run balanced from the sub to the ML 23.5.

Any thoughts from those with experience are appreciated.
You can go from the 383 balanced out to the B15 and drive the speakers from there, I think.
It has been a while since you posted your question but I can add my 2 cents worth. I have the revel B15 in my system which consists of the following; Krell KCT pre-amp, Krell FPB 400cx amp and B&W 802 speakers. I have my main speakers routed to the amp--then to the--preamp thus eliminating the need to go through the subwoofers electronics. To me this important since the whole concept of the krell cast system is to keep the signal as pure as possible. So then the B15 is hooked up with only using one pair of xlr innerconnects from my kct preamp. The B15 no longer will be using the high pass filter built into it. There really is no need to hook it up with 2 sets of innerconnects unless you only have 1 outlet on your preamp. You could also use a zone #2 outlet on the preamp to run the single set of innerconnects to the Sub however this would require the need to control the volume and power separately from your main speakers, but it will work just fine. lastly you could custom split the innerconnect going to your power amp with a y-adapter.
Anyhow, It worked for me, I hope it will for you.