Can someone help out a newbe?

Hello fellas,
I decide to build HiFi stereo system. Will use turntable Denon DP300F w/ Ortofon 2M Red magnetic cartridge (maybe some one can recommend better table for the money). I need advice for Amp., maybe tube. And of course speakers and wires. Thanks an advance, good day! Roman.
How about giving us an idea of budget range and the type of music you listen to. It appears that Denon DP300F retails for about $350 so that might provide a clue as to your budget range.

Will be be for 2 channel only or combined with home theater?

Are you a cable skeptic or is placebo your friend? This comment is partially intended as a joke and also in some seriousness to get an idea of how much of a difference you expect to hear from cables.
Oh here we go with cable crapping.
I will say you do need to provide the above info and you either need to pick a item with built in phono section or get an external solution.
Also what size room and do you have a gf'wife who will dictate what size speakers must be? New or used gear?
You have some things to think about and disclose long before you get close to trying any cable.....and often they can make a difference if your ready for them.
By being ready for cables I mean, gear is carefully selected, room is treated, all gear is properly placed, your AC is good and on down the line. Many if not most times the cable crappers have a valid point because they truely have never heard a cable make a improvement. The only problem is many of these same folks were never ready to evaluate a cable to begin with so its sometimes hard to get to worked up about their opinions.
I think its safe to say at this point go to Monoprice and sites like that for a quality conductor for your interconnects and speaker cables and worry more about it all cable stuff another day.
Used Denon 47F and any of the Cayin Tube amps, new or used.
The cheapest excellent turntable is the original AR XA and the later EB-101 or ES-1. They are going for very reasonable prices and they sound very good. The cheapest good tube amp is the old Dynaco ST-70. You can buy a modern copy all new for around 500 bucks from or u can find a restored one on Ebay for about the same money. I hope this helps u make a good choice. And above all if possible try it or listen to it before u buy it. This is very important as your tastes may be different than mine. Shay
I want to spend about 2K. Two channel only, no Home Theatre. Want to build system with crisp and clear sound with normal bass. For now I need turntable, amp/preamp and speakers. Later will connect CD player and AppleTV with FLAC files.
I want to put this system in the corner of big living room. And I do have family! So, maybe I'll go with bookshelf speakers? Please check pictures, let me know that you guys think...
Mceljo, Chadnliz - Thanks a lot for your help!!
p.sp. here is links:
@ Shay123, do you mean
There is two kits 120VAC ans 240VAC, I have no problem to assembly Dynakit amp.
AR ES-1 cost about 2k, out of my budget. And I prefer new staff.
Do I need preamp for Dynaco ST-70?
Yes, I would look into an Anthem tube pre, Sonic Frontiers (same maker) or for SS a older Classe pre would sound great.
guys, what about speakers?
What about some used BW monitors?
I'm a fan of Focal 706v speakers, but there are a lot of good options. B&W, Paradigm, Monitor Audio and PSB are all great speakers, but I prefer the Focal sound. B&W would likely be my second choice but it would be close with Paradigm.
OK, and what models for B&W and Paradigm?
Sorry for all those questions...
Put in those names in search field here on Agon and see whats used and affordable would be your best bet. But you really should try to hear some forst as always.
I like B&W CM5 and Dynaco ST-70. If I'll go with Denon DP300F turntable how I can control volume, treble and bass?
Found DYNACO PAS TUBE PRE, what you guys think?
Just get cheap wires to start. Read-up on acoustics for listening rooms, treat the room acoustically, then evaluate cables
As one of the experienced hobbyists in our community. Everyone here is going to GIVE you THEIR advice and what works for them and their TASTE. You are going to have negative and positive advise given. I suggest you purchase anything. Do some research first, then go audition a particular product and component first within your budget and go to a variety of audio stores from mid grade to high end if you can and see what you can afford and shop online and elsewhere if you can save money for the same products. Most in audiogon who purchase used items already know what they want already experienced such products and most are EXPERIENCED that have already went thru SUCCESS and FAILURES in setting up their systems. You have to match whatever loudspeaker design you which to use with an amplifier/preamplifier or receiver that will have similar characterisics and that is one of the JUNGLE or MYRIAD of problems you are going to come across as a newbe. For example if you are the get a loudspeaker that primarily has a 4 ohm load and often fluctuates to a lower load, you may not want to use a standard amplifier design such as class AB that's design for an 8 ohm resistance load, although many amplifiers are switchable but not necessarily designed to best perform at either load. Some amplifiers perform better in a particular load such as 4 ohm load, you go by the manufacturer's intended design. Tubes, you need to get advise from experienced tube owners to get a jist on proper tube sound. Most into tubes are purist and use only high grade components and parts to set up a system. You may have to invest more, though some tubes are inexpensive, it just depends on what you're willing to invest. The types of tubes you use in tubed component is going to make a difference between night and day on many tube components, so get advice from many not few tube hobbyists.
When purchasing turntables, there are many designs but two types of drive system, belt or direct drive. For stability,analog enthusiasts check for VIBRATION CONTROL, meaning a heavier base, platter and foot designs on the table. Your tonearms is a major factor of how your table is going to sound, so proper matching of designs would be advised. Again, get advise from those who primarily use analog for their source more so then someone who uses digital as their primary source. Ortofon makes decent cartridges but primarily for dj applications. For audiophile use, there are many but grado, shure, sumiko, audio technica are good examples. moving magnet or moving coil you have to decide which is better for you. One is low output, the other is high output. Moving coil requires a step up transformer and both are different in reproducing sound from the table.
Loudspeaker, there are strengths and weaknesses on all the designs. You would have to choose based on music taste between a dynamic or box design, a planar, an electrostat, a push pull and varying combination of drivers such as horn, ribbons, dome etc. paper vs. polyproplene or kevlar. Different designs such as linesource, CLS or coherent line source, coaxial, bipolar, omnipolar, multi driver vs. single driver. Loudspeaker choice is probably the most difficult choice due to the nature of audio reproduction with the myriad of designs. Some designs do not work well on some room environments but work well on others. some designs can only work based on room acoustics where as others, do not require the help of the surroundings. It would be wise to AUDITION as many types that is pleasing to your ears. CDP's or compact disc players, the transport and types of IC's used on the player is very important and a well designed servo system such as the laser pickup. DACS are very important when purchasing a good CDP solid state or tube. Everyone in this category usually try to give you advice on what they like or have experienced.

I suggest whatever you decide to get if it's a medium grade component and there is no feedback stabilization design in the amplifier, you may need a TWEAK such as dakiom feedback stabilizer which i highly recommend to those who do not have a high end amplifier, CDP setup costing in the thousands. The use of sound processors is usually beneficial for most midgrade systems and some high end but not necessary in most ultra high end gear. I would recommend the use of psycho acoustics such as bbe, sonic holography, sonic maximizers between your preamp and amp etc. If you are getting all tubes, in some cases the dakioms, but you might want to disclude sound processors in those chain because of added distortion and enhancements. BEWARE of EXPENSIVE cables, no need to spend more money on cables that's worth more then your amplifier. SIGNAL cable or blue jeans cable would be sufficient for many midgrade systems or even high end. Some cables do make a difference but not that much, it's really your major components that determines the sound quality. Lots of snake oil in the cable companies and power conditioner companies.

Unless you have a dedicated and treated listening room, the use of high end cables, conditioners, spikes and cones, and room treatments, panels, pads etc. are a waste of money unless you invested on a mega system that is designed to require such set up. For the most part, just your basic gold end interconnects would do.
choose your speakers 1ST.Doing so will give you idea on type of amp you will need and can use.
Armyscout41, thanks for all information!
Thanks everyone for help and effort.
I decide to go with this setup:
Bowers & Wilkins CM5 bookshelf speakers.
NAD 165BEE preamp (I like tone control)
Dynaco ST70 with KT88 tubes.
Pro-Ject or Music Hall or Rega turntable.

Again, thanks for your help!
Let me know what you think...

What TT did you end up getting?
I have heard a lot of great things about the Dynacos...probably a very good choice you made there! Surely an amp that will keep its value over time as well.