Can someone help me please?

I recently moved into a small, no tiny studio apartment and need to get new speakers. Room size is 14'wide x 18' long x 9' ceiling...thats everything. I have carpeting and ltwt drapes. I also cannot play too loud (neighbors) I currently have a NAD 7255 rec., and about to get a Cal Audio cl-5 CDP. I was looking at the Axioms(no way to hear them w/o buying), paradigm atoms, b&w 303's, psb alpha. Do any of these sound good at lower volumes or can someone recommend any to checkout? Many thanks!
I and a few others have spoken about these before. Try checking into a pair of Castle Richmonds. These are small two ways that sound somewhat "rich" and "full bodied" without coming across as being "bloated" in any manner. Since you'll be listening at lower levels, their slightly warm sound will help balance out the human ear's lack of sensitivity towards bass at low volumes. Sean
I had an office about the same size as your apartment. I had B&W CDM1SE's and then Martix 805's later. Those CDM1SE's were fine very airy speakers especially at a low volume. I gather the new CDM 1NT's are even better.
Try Linn Kan, small and very dynamic. If placed right they soundstage great and very realistic. A real pain if you hear them after you bought some more expensive speakers (You can buy them new at about US$ 360.00)
I had the chance to hear them, the B&Ws and the PSBs you mentined and I bought the Kans for my bedroom system without hesitation.
Epos ES12 .... great little standmounts.
Ls3/5 (Spendor + others).
Spica Tc50 / Tc60

There are many choices of great small speakers, and many used speakers. You should be able to get great sound in your new aptmt.
check out the totum manitu and red rose has a good pair too, forget model designation.
I've had the Epos 11 for years....super there sound. You can bi-wire them...affordable too on the used market. Very efficient also. Bigger are the Spica TC50's...very nice sound also.
I would second the Castles...for speakers this small...they dont sound thin nor bright...and are forgiving on electronics and source...they also throw out alot of sound for the size...small Spendors are good too...but close to double the cost on the used makes a highly regarded mini-monitor...the Model 5...which is very similiar to the Spendors...they are around $400...good luck...