Can someone help me choose speakers

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I just purchased 2 linn lk100 amp and a Genki cd player and now I dont know which speakers to buy.The trouble is I listen to alot of Trance music and I want to get the most bang for my buck.
Some have suggested B&W 803 or 804 and others focal-jmlab.
Can someone with REAL expierience help me out.

Thank you so kindly.

'our experience' might not mean squat to your ears. listen to as many as you can using your cd's on a similar amp. audiophiles have egos too and tend to push personal faves.. i am guilty of this too... But speakers are highly personal taste items. trance music is hardly problematic, compared to acoustical genres it is a walk in the park so don't let that scare you. buy used.

I heard
twice...during HE SHOW and a week ago at CES.
If you like trance..........hear these. I have talked to these guys for 15min about their future while listening to AC/DC and trance music. Room was really bad.....but they did impressed.......
I know this is an old post but try OHMs if your not satisfied with what you ended up with