Can someone help me choose speakers

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I just purchased 2 linn lk100 amp and a Genki cd player and now I dont know which speakers to buy.The trouble is I listen to alot of Trance music and I want to get the most bang for my buck.
Some have suggested B&W 803 or 804 and others focal-jmlab.
Can someone with REAL expierience help me out.

Thank you so kindly.

go to the montana audio site and check out there speakers. then find somewhere to hear them.
I would suggest searching first and foremost for a full-range speaker that has ribbon tweeter and midrange drivers. Or at least one with a ribbon tweeter.

That should narrow your search down to about 5% of all available speakers.

Veritas 2.4i would also fit with what you are looking for... good bang for the buck.
Have you tried/heard any of Linn's floorstanders? Some of the older models (the 5140, for instance, or the Ninka--both available used for great prices), have incredible pace and rhythm, and sound better to me than their current line of extremely "akurate" speakers. Also I used to like the Espek speakers, they replaced the 5140's.
'our experience' might not mean squat to your ears. listen to as many as you can using your cd's on a similar amp. audiophiles have egos too and tend to push personal faves.. i am guilty of this too... But speakers are highly personal taste items. trance music is hardly problematic, compared to acoustical genres it is a walk in the park so don't let that scare you. buy used.

I heard
twice...during HE SHOW and a week ago at CES.
If you like trance..........hear these. I have talked to these guys for 15min about their future while listening to AC/DC and trance music. Room was really bad.....but they did impressed.......
I know this is an old post but try OHMs if your not satisfied with what you ended up with