Can someone help me build Altec 620 cabinet for 604 8H 3 GPA?


I live in Houston, Texas, and I'm looking for someone to build me a very nice pair of 620 cabinets for an Altec 604 8H III from Great Plains Audio. I've been getting mixed signals as to what crossovers to get but I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with stock from GPA(?) I can't solder so I'd need this done for me, and perhaps grills(?) not sure if I should have grills or not. My budget is roughly $3,300 give or take, and the drivers cost $900 a piece and come with crossovers and the knobs at GPA. I'll include some photos.

Edit: I'm not using the driver in these photos, but I love the color in the last two.. I'm also not sure if I should request risers made as shown in the first photo, or put on the wheels? Anyone able to weigh in?

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Looks like it won't let me add photo's of the color of wood I like, but if anyone could weigh in, that would be awesome.

We can build almost anything Audio, however at $ 3300 which I assume includes the cost of the drivers leaves $ 1500 for the cabinets, you will not be able to get much custom cabinetry for that price.  Cabinets are rather large, heres a link to the plans.

You can PM me if you'd like a realistic price on building them for you.

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what about 612 cabinets..I have an empty pair