Can someone explain, in lay terms, why I should pay more for a Coaxial Interconnect?

Was reading a review of Coaxial Interconnects and have questions.  The reviewer claimed there was a great difference in the sound of his test system, depending on the interconnect being used.  My favorite line was "the music danced like fire from my speakers".  His actual words.  Not sure if I want the cable he was using or what he was smoking.  So, my limited understanding is this.  The CD transport reads and produces a digital signal. This is a series of 1's and 0's, as are all digital signals?  The signal is then transported via interconnect to the DAC, where the heavy lifting is done and the 1's & 0's are converted to an analogue signal that the speakers can understand?  If the sole purpose of the Coaxial Interconnect, is to carry the digital signal about 3 feet between the CD transport and DAC, how can it possibly have any impact on the final musical output from the speakers?  Would love to know how a $4000 cable is going to make my system sound any better than a $150 cable.  
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Mr highwayjelly, would you calm down and understand your a new guy.

Just calm down.. Sure is a lot of name callin’ going on. I want to welcome you to AGone.

Now let bygones be bygones, and move on..

Contribute and ignore, grow some hide fella. Move on is an option too.. How many people you gonna go after in one post?

Don’t worry about the Great Oz, remember "The Great OZ" turned out to be a nice guy.. just sayin’. :-)

I have learned from politics that when you can't defeat your opponent with facts you just go to attacking the person.  Many times on this forum, when you cannot contribute or counter with facts one also drops to personal attacks.  All should feel free to give opinions, however opinions should not be constructed as fact and often I do hear some members on this forum couch their contribution as their opinions. Some opinions are good at arriving at agreement - some are not. That's called discussion. Opinions should never be attacked with opinions unless someone wants to appear silly by other members of the discussion. Opinions should never be offered in fact to counter another's opinion.  However, all opinions should be welcome in a discussion when given as such.  It is not hard to discern fact from opinion on this forum.
Well opinions are like anything else. One person's opinion is another persons fact. There's the fact on this forum. Just because someone disagrees with someone else doesn't negate another person's FACT.

It's the "PROVE IT TO ME" crowd that's not PAYING for the service BUT screaming for the proof.  This forum is for sharing ideas, NOT opinions about others discoveries and how it doesn't pass one of their TEST.

People here want to hear NEW ideas not how "WIRE" when it should be "CABLE" works. It add a layer of ignorance in the conversation with just simple nomenclature.

Again we are talking about a cable that can cost 5 dollars or 4K. 

That's the facts about cables.. Not an opinion!!!
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