Can somebody recommend a suitable audio cabinet/wall unit?

I just purchased a complete Yamaha Home Theater set up consisting of the following: CX-5200, MX-A5200, BD-A1060 and CD-S700. I also purchased six  GoldenEar AON 3's, Super Center XL, two HSU VTF-15H MKII's and two GoldenEar SuperSub XL's. I have been unable to find any type of wall unit/AV cabinet that will allow me to install the amp,pre/pro and other equipment. This equipment is very deep with the cables installed (approx. 22"). I live in the Tampa, FL area and have been unsuccessful in finding anything to use along with a 70" TV. Any help with some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hiring a custom cabinet maker is out of the question. I have almost spent my entire allowance on this system.
Please see this web site for cabinets, etc.  We have a 66” long Salamander cabinet where our 55” LG TV is attached to a bracket (adjustable) that is attached to the cabinet.  There is plenty of room below for your audio components.
Please also see the Salamander design your own tab for custom cabinets.  They have many cabinet options for you to choose from. 
And, see the Salamander web site for retailers in your area.  For example, please see:
Thank you very much for all the information. Maximum A/V just happens to be close by. I have only been in FL for two days and it would be great if this A/V dealer could become my 'go to' store. Again, many thanks for your assistance and your lightning fast response. John
You are welcome.  Please measure your space and audio equipment 3 times to ensure you get the right sized cabinet.  

Check all clearances in the back, front, sides and top.  Verify your 70” TV fits in the allocated space.   If needed, I suggest your retailer visit your home to confirm your space and all measurements.   Please also confirm your electrical power plugs and your Internet cabling matches your needs.  Review how the wiring will fit behind the cabinet. If needed, make a drawing to verify the spacing.  Enjoy.    
Hello hgeifman,
I see that you have done almost 1300 posts so, if you do not mind, I have a couple more questions. Having been in FL only four days, I have lost power on several occasions for just a second or two. Just long enough for me to have to reset all the clocks. I am sure that when the power goes off and then on, it must go beyond the normal 120V. Is there anything you could recommend to save my equipment before I plug everything in? Secondly, one of the Salamander cabinets had enclosures at each end for a subwoofer. Does putting subwoofers in cabinets affect the bass? I do have the four powered sub's but only the two GoldenEar subs would fit. I'm open to any suggestions before I proceed. Carpeting and flooring being done over the next four days.....then my home theater. Thank you very much for any help regarding these items.  

Hi John,   Losing power is a concern but I have not done anything about it.  My electronics are plugged direct into the wall and I do not use any surge protectors, etc.   If your electrical power is unstable, you could consider an uninterruptible power supply to better protect your equipment.   Another option is a whole house surge protector.  Others on this site may have a better solution.

I am not a fan of placing a sub-woofer in the Salamander cabinet.  My feeling is the Cabinet is designed to hold your equipment and not for your speakers.  You could experiment but I have concerns about the resulting sound quality results.   I believe a sub-woofer should in in its own enclosure for the best results. Please ask your Salamander retailer.