Can somebody explain the XLO scale to me?

XLO has the signature, the reference and so on. Which is the introductory and which is the middle and what is the top of the line? I am a little confused.
According to the price sheet at The Cable Company, it looks like:

Ultra Plus - Entry Level
Reference - Mid Level
Signature - Top Level
I have not read about this cable manufacturer in some time, I did not know that they were still in business? Anyone auditioned their cables/cords recently?
XLO - I saw them at Capitol Audiofest last time I was there - I believe 2 years ago.

I was at Capital myself 2 years ago - they people you saw were the distributors of XLO.  I have NO idea and can find no information as to where the current XLO cables are produced and by whom.  Anybody know?
They are produced in Canada:
Thanks John.  Finally a cable I haven't tried but have always been curious about.  

Hey Jerry, I tried them a long time ago, maybe in the early/mid 90's sometime.
Back when they were made in the USA, and Roger Skoff was still running the company.

Decent cables, similar to Tara Labs in that both are made of copper, but have the speed and resolution associated with a silver cable.
Neither has the typical warmth of copper, though XLO had more prodigious bass as I recall, while Tara Labs had a bit more air in the highs.

I think what killed XLO was the fraud cables. Now fraud cables have hurt a lot of cable companies, Cardas, Audioquest, Tara Labs, XLO, etc.
However, the effects of fraud seem to have hurt XLO much more than the other brands.

XLO dropped their two top lines, the Unlimited and the Limited, mainly due to fakes coming out of China. The Signature is now their top of the line.
That is a shame about the counterfeits.  It has certainly put a damper on the used cable market for me.  I try to shop people I know or know have a good reputation.

 I always thought the XLO's looked cool and remember reading about them back in the glory days of stereophile.  I just never got around to trying them back then.  I was too busy climbing up the MIT line and that kept my pocketbook plenty busy!  I think I pulled a move like Congress - just raise the debt ceiling.  :/)