Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?

Hi guys,

I have been searching for a pair of small passive speakers for near-field listening for a long long time. Ideally, something with <27 cm depth would be a great fit. A relaxed/non-fatigue/good bass sound would be preferred. 

I tried these.

B&W 607s2 -- currently using -- can be aggressive/bright quite often

Dynaudio Evoke 10 --- pronounced at 2-5 kHz, sounds thin to me.

LS 50 meta ---- bass a bit tide... need some volume to sound good.


Can you guys recommend some other speakers that can do the job? What about Mission QX1 MkII or Wharfedale Denton 80? My amp is Nad c275bee with a Schiit freya+ preamp.  Thanks a lot guys!






If you’re expecting only around 10 inches deep, probably not going to find any serious amount of bass extension. However, some small form speakers these days are pretty amazing relative to size. But if you’re expecting more oomph than what you’ve already encountered in what you’ve already tried you might need a sub hidden somewhere. Just the same…

I was thinking Totem Mites or Silverline Minuets. Both can be found used a a very reasonable price at even just a few years old, but do not extend very deep. Tonally speaking, definite +1 for Harbeth!

I’ve also seen Revel speakers come up in these types of discussions as well. Outstanding designs, most are very linear but expressive. Some of the Focals? Q-Acoustics? Wharfedale Denton 85th’s?


+1 for the ATC SCM7- I have theV.2. I have never felt the need for subwoofers for these in my bedroom system. Very non- fatiguing sound. I drive them with a Schiit Saga and Adcom GFA 535, so very much a budget system. Great, great speakers.

Maybe active monitors,  Focal Shape 65 or Alpha 80. You'll get better low end and free up some space.