Can Quest:

Hi I'm looking for descent inexpensive <$100 exersise cans that should have iPhone remote control capabilities and mike. They should also be over ear either clipped or neck-band -- cannot stand ear-buds.

So far I've researched Polk Ultrafit 2000, but would most-likely pass due to the poor built quality unacceptable during sports.

Thanks for your help!
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I belong to and strongly 2nd Zd542 suggestion.
You will be overwhelmed at first (I was at first anyway) so give your decision some time to mature.

Many good sounding on ear phones and in-ear buds in that price range from the usual suspects and others.

TOns of info on various headphones out there. So much to soak in....I have gone through the exercise a few times in recent years.

For buds, I landed on the Klipsch S4 which deliver outstanding sound quality when fit properly in the ear. Getting the right seal in your ear is the key to best sound out of buds. If you can make the adjustment to wearing buds for an extended period, I think this is where you will find the most potential value in that price range, due to the small scale needed to deliver optimal results.

On-ear is a different sound and beast, and may not be practical for staying on properly during intense exercise. I settled on a pair of Sennheisers in this category for my son recently.

Over ear is another option, but bulk is usually not a good thing when it comes to exercise.

Sennheiser has some nice products in that price range designed specifically for use when exercising. I have not heard those specifically, but if you like the Sennheiser sound, ie not overly bright but detailed, I find most every product I hear in the line delivers that well per price point. I acquired a pair of Sennheiser Momentum overear cans recently and these are very nice portable phones that could work for some for certain forms of exercise, but these will cost upwards of $250 a pair as well. They come close the the sound of teh Sennheiser "audiophile" line of cans, but are portable and come in a sizeable hard carry case.

The other lines I have liked and considered most are Audio Technica, AKG, and Phillips. All cans sound different, some more similar than others. I seem to always come back to Sennheiser myself in the end, when possible.
Earbuds give me headache within few minutes of listening and there's no bud I found so far in 43 years of cognitive life that fits my shell only custom ones done by audiologist...
I found that Sennheiser MX 100 blue tooth may make my day, but need to hear other's thoughts. How about iGrado?
headfi is an amazing resource for all things headphone. the obsessives on that site know much more than me, but i'd try the koss portapro ktc, which should meet your criteria and are ridiculously good for the next-to-nuthin price. sennheieser px100/200 also have an iphone version and are similar.