Can Prairie Wind be bought as cd only?

I have only seen Neil Youngs new album, Prairie wind, sold as a cd-dvd package. I have no interest in the dvd. $29 is a little steep for a cd and I am reluctant to buy it at that price.
Is this a new trend in marketing music? They won't sell one to me.
Sorry, I just saw that you can buy the cd only. They just don't offer it that way where I buy music.
I'm sure it will be out in Dual disc format with a DVD Audio side and possibly on vinyl since Mr Young prefers these formats to CD.
I checked the Elusive Disc site and the have it on 200gm vinyl for 39.99 as does Music direct.
Buought it at Amazon for $20.
The current CD/DVD package includes a very nice sounding high rez dvd-a version of this excellent album, along with a film version of the the album being made, along with the regular CD. This is a great example of how music should be released, as opposed to the dual disks that won't play on many machines.