Can Power mono amps be too close to the speaker

I have tube mono power amps beside my speakers, and therefor I try to get my speakercables as short as possible. But I am wondering if the trafo from my power amps can be to close to the speakers and therfor put some noise/electricity into the speakers? And what is the "best" distance?
My cables are 2' and I keep my monos away by 1/2' since they have an output and power transformers that can inflict additional vibrations if fully attached onto the speaker.
Bryston Powerpack 250 for example, is designed to be attached right onto the speaker. In this case you won't even need any speaker cables -- just buy any good quality conductor and connect then directly.
how can you get them so close too the speakers? Do you have any special stands for the amps? I would realy like to see, how you conect them. I have Cary Audio with very big trafo's and I put them about 0.75m away, one friend of mine told me he could hear some noise from the trafo┬┤s in the speakers, maybe he isn't right!!!!!! I have ProAc studio 250 speakers and the conectors behind is in a hight of 0,7m.
I'm not sure about electrical matters, but be sure to address the vibrational effects of having tube amps so close to the speakers, particularly if you've got a full range speaker. I've gotten by with 1/2 meter speaker cables from an ARC Classic 150 to my old Duntechs (the amps were backed right up to the speakers), but I noticed a substantial improvement when I used good isolation devices under the amps.
Try this, it has worked well for me. Get your ears down to floor level while music is playing and listen for the least loud or boomy area near the spkrs. I have found that the shortest cable length will require that the amps are placed in too noisy an area. With 4 feet I can place them in a null area between the speakers, but not at center, because it is louder there. Actually, the best spot in my room is outside of each speaker, but, then the amps are in the way of foot traffic.
I have the possibilty to place my amps outside/inside/behinde the speakers, but what is the best place(as I have tubes) and do I need a stands to get the amps up in the speaker connection level (0,7m) to get them as short as possible?
Marakanetz, how do you do? Is there any photos you know about here on the internet that shows so close connections?
So close connections give you the possibility to by the absolut best speakerwires who exist, WOW WOW!!!!!!!!(offcause I know that I have to spend more money on long interconect cables)
As I've mentioned b4, my cable length is >2feet and amps staying on 1/2 feet distance from speakers. My speakers as well as tube monos are standing on platforms and platforms are placed on vibrapods that are highly advertised on audiomarket.

There are many options to place your monos. You can even hide them behind the wall and then thread the speaker wire through it so you can have both of the advantages of having the short runs (>1m) per each side and extra isolation.

I have a site where you can see the equipment placement and comments from owners. There are toooo many systems described there so take your time and find for yourself the best match.

Regards, Mara.
Marakanetz, now I have spend 1 hour on the web site you recommend. It is an interesting website but "I havn't found what I am looking for" citat U2. I think the solusion is to buy a very solid pair of stands for speakers, fill them with sand and change the top plate. So I have two stands for my MONO amps.
YANOMAMI can make your own ones which is realy easy if you take a little surf over the web. You can retreive a bunch of threads on DIY speaker stands and amplifier stands.