Can Pioneer Elite M-91 Amplifier be Bridged Mono?

I own two of these amplifiers but do not have manuals. Was just wondering if anyone knows if they can be run in a bridged mono operation. If so, could you please provide a setup diagram. Thank you.
I would only try it if they have a mono switch. It can be done other ways but the amp may not be capable.
Snap! I also have two M-91 for front and rear speakers. No, they are not bridgable. They sure look great though! I can scan the manual and email it to you if you want?
Mgattmch. If you have the time it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for the response. I would imagine these amps would be monsters if bridging were capable.
Even though I have some great amplification in my room,I still got a soft spot for the Pioner M-91 and companion C-91 pre.I remember back when they were introduced and I use to go to the audio store and look at them on display but couldn't afford them at the time.Tha was 1989.Occasionaly I check the classifieds or ebay for a nice mint M-91/C-91 to purchase.